Patrick Brassard, Eng., Ph.D.

Patrick Brassard, research assistant

Patrick Brassard

Research Assistant

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Patrick Brassard, Eng, Ph.D. received his bachelor's degree in agri-environmental engineering in 2010 and his master's degree in agri-food engineering in 2012 from Université Laval. He joined the IRDA team at the time he began his master’s degree project on biomass combustion.

In 2017 Patrick completed a doctorate in bioresource engineering at McGill University in which he examined pyrolysis and the utilization of biochar as a soil amendment. A recipient of a FRQNT (Fonds de Recherche du Québec - Nature et Technologies) grant, in 2019 Patrick pursued postdoctoral research at INSA (Institut national des sciences appliquées) in Toulouse (France), as part of the CAMBIOSCOP project, where he acquired expertise in life cycle analysis.

Patrick is currently a research assistant at IRDA, where he continues his postdoctoral research on the analysis of the environmental performance of biomass thermochemical conversion processes. He has developed expertise in the management of animal waste and the measurement of pollutant emissions from various agricultural practices.


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