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Gérald Chouinard (agr., Ph.D.) is an agronomist with a doctorate in fruit entomology from McGill University. He has been at IRDA since its creation, and his work focuses on the integrated management of harmful and beneficial orchard insects and mites. He also acts as the apple tree warning officer for the Québec Plant Protection Warning Network (Réseau d’avertissements phytosanitaires), a group of specialists working to develop integrated fruit production, promote safe and sustainable control methods, and support apple growers and industry professionals in their mission to grow quality apples in an environmentally responsible manner. He is active at all levels of the innovation chain, including research, development, and technology transfer. He is an associate professor at Université du Québec à Montréal and Université Laval. He is the recipient of the Léon-Provancher Prize awarded by Société d’Entomologie du Québec, the Révérend-Père-Léopold Prize awarded by Les Producteurs de Pommes du Québec, and the Agronomic Distinction Medal awarded by the Ordre des Agronomes du Québec. He is the author of numerous scientific and technical publications, including books such as Guide de référence en production fruitière intégrée (Integrated Fruit Production Reference Guide) and Guide d’identification: maladies, ravageurs et organismes bénéfiques des arbres fruitiers (Identification Guide for Diseases, Pests, and Beneficial Organisms affecting Fruit Trees).

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Integrated fruit production
  • Biological pest control and integrated pest control in orchards
  • Monitoring and forecasting of apple pests
  • Phytosanitary warnings for apple trees
  • Low-environmental-impact cropping systems
  • Chemical ecology and insect behaviour

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Orchard spraying
2018-2022 • Fruit production

Demo plots for low-risk apple IPM programs

The overall objective of the project is to inform apple growers via regional demonstration plots of the latest apple IPM techniques.

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Gérald Chouinard
Vincent Philion
Daniel Cormier
2018-2019 • Fruit production

Updating the Québec IFP reference guide

Updating the apple pest monitoring guide and the IFP reference guide for the benefit of apple growers.

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Daniel Cormier
Gérald Chouinard
Obliquebanded Leafroller
2018-2023 • Fruit production

Sustainable control methods for apple pests

This pan-Canadian project conducted in Ontario, Québec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick focuses on strategies for controlling three key pests in apple production.

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Daniel Cormier
Gérald Chouinard


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