Microbial Ecology Laboratory

About MEL

The Microbial Ecology Laboratory (MEL) team performs microbial commnunities analysis and identification of microorganisms (bacteria, archaea, fungi, microfauna) as part of research projects or analytical service contracts. These microorganisms can be beneficial or pathogenic to plants, or sampled in biomass, soil, air or water or involved in treatment processes of organic effluent as well as energy production.

List of Available Analyses

  • Illumina MiSeq amplicon sequencing (2x300bp) (bacteria, archaea, fungi, microfauna).
  • Quantitative qPCR analysis * (archaea, bacteria, fungi, eukaryotes).
    * Used to quantify the whole population or a specific specie.
  • Microbial Community Analysis with EcoPlates (BIOLOG) : Measure the metabolism of 31 carbon sources.

Expected Results

  • Alpha and beta diversity indices that provide microbial diversity within a sample or between different samples
  • Taxonomic identification of each microbial community according to their relative abundance
  • Interpretations based on the treatment and study characteristics (PCoA, etc.).


Richard Hogue, researcher

Richard Hogue


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Thomas Jeanne, research assistant

Thomas Jeanne

Research Assistant

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