Polymair Heat Recovery Air ExchangerTM

During the winter, producers often set ventilation levels below the recommended threshold to save on heating costs. The POLYMAIRTM air exchanger, developed by IRDA, partially or totally replaces livestock building exhaust fans by renewing air, while limiting energy loss. Robust and made entirely of plastic, it withstands the rigours of extreme cold, dust accumulation, and the corrosive action of livestock building gases.

Reduce your energy consumption while improving animal welfare

The POLYMAIRTM heat recovery air exchanger reduces energy costs by 50% to 70% (depending on the energy source used to heat the building and the type of livestock) by using heat recovered from the building’s vented stale air to preheat the fresh air brought in from the outside.

Modern and efficient equipment

PolymairTM 1500 helps…

  • lower energy consumption for heating,
  • reduce GHG emissions, and
  • improve animal welfare.

State-of-the-art equipment

  • A simple and robust design that integrates perfectly with the ventilation systems of new or existing buildings
  • The only energy recovery air exchanger that has two independent ventilation modules that can be installed outside or inside a building, or directly on the heat exchange module
  • Air flow rates from 0 to 1500 cubic feet per minute (0 to 700 litres per second)
  • Thermal power ranging from 6 to 18 kW depending on the outside temperature and the indoor temperature set point
  • An airflow circuit that provides efficient heat transfer and air passage sections that reduce the impact of frost and dust accumulation
  • No defrosting required
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Efficient drainage system that continuously evacuates condensation water
  • Energy efficient variable speed fans that provide demand-driven ventilation and are easily integrated with command and control systems


All agricultural operations that require winter heating and ventilation can benefit from POLYMAIRTM.

  • Poultry farming (broiler, laying hen, turkey, duck, and hatchery operations)
  • Pig farming (pigs on litter, maternity pens, nurseries)
  • Greenhouse and mushroom production

All industrial applications in humid or very dusty and corrosive environments or hostile conditions that require ventilation to evacuate dust, fumes and gases:

  • In-vessel composting systems
  • Industrial buildings with a humid or corrosive environment or that require ventilation to remove dust, fumes and harmful gases
Polymair 500
1 / 5
Polymair 500
2 / 5
Polymair 500
3 / 5
Polymair 500
4 / 5
Polymair 1500
5 / 5

Validated performances for a pig farm

Amount of propane used
Number of exchangers 2 Polymairs (1500 cfm)
Without a heat exchanger 4714 litres
With a heat exchanger 1414 litres
Fuel economy for 2 breedings 3300 litres
Annual fuel savings 70%
  • Breeding on litter from December to March
  • Inside temperature kept between 15 and 17°C
    Relative humidity maintained at 80%
  • Standard building insulation
  • Ventilation needs: 1 PolymairTM exchanger/50 pigs on litter

Validated performances for a poultry farm

Amount of propane used
Number of exchangers 2 Polymairs (1500 cfm)
Without a heat exchanger 7904 litres
With a heat exchanger 3940 litres
Fuel economy for 2 breedings 3964 litres
Annual fuel savings 50%
  • Two 42-day winter breedings of broilers
  • Inside temperature kept between 21 and 33°C
  • Relative humidity maintained at 60%
  • Standard building insulation
  • Ventilation needs: 1 PolymairTM exchanger/2000 birds
  • Ventilation rate recommended by Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec (CRAAQ)


  • Dimensions: 3 m x 0.9 m x 0.8 m (116 in x 34 in x 31 in)
    Variable airflow rate from 0 to 700 litres per second (from 0 to 1500 cubic feet per minute)
    Thermal efficiency of 45% to 55%
    No defrosting cycle required
    Constructed entirely of plastic (no corrosion)
    Core of the heat exchange module is accessible for easy cleaning
    Wholly designed and manufactured in Québec by Groupe PolyAlto


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