Study on the cost-effectiveness of Swede Midge insecticide treatments with regard to canola yields

Luc Belzile, researcher

Luc Belzile


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This project aims to assess the profit potential of using insecticides to control Swede Midge (SM) in canola crops. The assessment will use the agronomic data obtained from a project conducted by Centre de recherche sur les grains (CÉROM). It seeks to determine the real impact of insecticide treatments used to control SM on canola yields.


  • Determine the real impact of insecticide treatments for SM on canola yields
  • Assess the effects of insecticide treatments on SM population dynamics and identify the phenological stage(s) appropriate for foliar sprays
  • Determine the impact of foliar and seed insecticide treatments, alone or in combination, on damage caused by SM and on crop yields
  • Determine the on-farm cost-effectiveness of using seed and foliar SM treatments to improve canola yields

From 2019 to 2022

Project duration

Field crops

Activity areas

Pest, weed, and disease control


This project will help growers select the most efficient and cost-effective methods for controlling canola pests.


Centre de recherche sur les grains

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