Marianne Crépeau, P. Eng., Ph. D.

Marianne Crépeau, research assistant

Marianne Crépeau

Research Assistant

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Marianne Crépeau (Eng., Ph D.) holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, a masters in agri-food engineering, and a doctorate in soils and the environment from Université Laval. Her doctoral work involved a project on how to best utilize agricultural biomass (sweet pearl millet and sweet sorghum) for the eventual production of bioethanol in Québec. Before joining IRDA, Marianne worked as a research assistant at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada on a variety of projects involving energy crops, fodder crop improvements, and the modelling of crop rotations. She also completed a post-doc at Institut national de la recherche agronomique in France on modelling how the incorporation of biomethanation digestates into cropping systems impacts carbon and nitrogen fluxes. In 2019 she joined IRDA as a research assistant where she is actively involved in revising Québec’s fertilization reference charts.

Marianne Crépeau is working on the development of Québec’s fertilization reference charts.

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