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Luc Belzile (M.Sc.) is an economist. He holds an agricultural technologist degree from Institut de technologie agroalimentaire de La Pocatière (1991) and a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences with a specialization in agricultural economics from McGill University (2000). He also earned a master’s degree in managerial sciences with a specialization in applied economics from HEC Montréal in 2010. Before joining IRDA, Luc worked in the fields of agricultural journalism, agricultural insurance, farm management consulting, and as a research and communication officer. Luc’s main interests include measuring the profitability of agri-environmental practices; assessing agri-environmental externalities, profits, and public costs; and identifying the impact of environmental regulations on the competitiveness of agricultural businesses.

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Agri-environmental economics
  • Economics of agricultural production
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Agri-environmental regulations
  • Environmental externalities
  • Agricultural management and financing
  • Integration of life-cycle analysis into economic analysis

Luc Belzile’s work is focused on assessing the implementation costs and cost-effectiveness of farming practices.

Related research project(s)

DNA molecules
2019-2023 • Fruit production

A new molecular approach to simultaneously detect disease-causing viruses in raspberries and strawberries

Developing a fast and sensitive molecular detection methodology able to accurately identify raspberry and strawberry viruses.

Researchers: Richard Hogue Luc Belzile

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Richard Hogue
Luc Belzile
Corn field
2019-2021 • Field crops

Analyzing the cost-effectiveness of adopting integrated pest control management for field and horticulture crops.

Collaboration for a cost-effectiveness analysis to identify the most promising practices and strategies to reduce the use of pesticide.

Researcher: Luc Belzile

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Luc Belzile
Potato field
2019-2022 • Market gardening

Improving potato crop water-use efficiency through cropping system modifications

Modifying the cropping system design is an effective way to improve potato crop water-use efficiency and, thereby, lessen the risk of crops experiencing water stress.

Researchers: Carl Boivin Luc Belzile

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Carl Boivin
Luc Belzile
Nitrogen fertilizers
2019-2022 • Field crops

Assessing the cost-effectiveness of improved nitrogen fertilizer applications

This research project, initiated by the CÉROM grain research centre, looks to assess the cost-effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizer applications improved by the addition of urea, for use with winter wheat crops grown in Québec.

Researcher: Luc Belzile

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Luc Belzile


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